Monday, October 2, 2023

About us

“To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be creditable; to be credible we must be truthful.”

Holding true to the wisdom of the great 20th-century American journalist Edward R. Murrow, NE Global Media was conceived out of our commitment to the revered traditions of diplomacy, responsible media and logic. As a result, NE Global was founded as 'Nova Era Global' - Latin for 'A New Global Era' - to reflect our stated mission as an international news organization that is dedicated to covering the geopolitical, security, economic, energy and scientific affairs that affect the world today. The company is a resolutely independent media outlet where reason guides opinion, critical thought is paramount and – in the tradition of the democratic world’s classic definition of ‘journalism’ – our goal is to inform readers about policies of global importance through expert analysis, fact-based reporting and the exact sort of healthy scrutiny that helps buttress the self-evident core principals of free and developed societies. NE Global’s core staff is a diverse group of individuals with decades of experience as journalists, foreign service officers and political consultants from various parts of the world. Each has previously been featured in several leading media outlets, including New Europe, the BBC, Foreign Affairs, the AP, the Washington Post, Reuters, DW, La Stampa, the Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, National Public Radio, EU Reporter, ORF Radio Wien and the Kyiv Post. Since its founding in the summer of 2022, NE Global’s online and hybrid digital-print platforms aim to reach an audience that includes decision-makers from all sectors, including leading government policymakers, academia and the foreign policy establishment, as well as members of think tanks, the business, media and arts communities. Most importantly, the company’s duty is to inform the general public about the most salient current issues in an authoritative, but never overbearing or condescending tone. NE Global’s chief mission is, therefore, focused on providing the same credible and constructive brand of discourse that was once inherent in Western media outlets.

Editorial Policy

Editorial independence is the founding principal of NE Global. The company operates under strict guidelines that bar any individual or organization from lobbying for or pushing an agenda that contradicts or calls for a reversal of NE Global’s commitment to the essential Enlightenment values of freedom of the press and speaking truth to power. NE Global is committed to furthering reasoned public debate through articles that inform readers about the issues of the day and is vehemently opposed to the spread of rage-induced news fueled by radicalism, conspiracy theories, sensationalism, propaganda, disinformation, perpetual victimization, tabloidism and whataboutery. A high priority for NE Global is our mission to counter the fundamental damage done to the international news landscape by social media platforms and malevolent actors, including unscrupulous bloggers. While NE Global recognizes the importance of both, their often corrosive activities and irresponsible policies have done far more harm than good to most democratic societies. NE Global pledges to take a firm stance against; and will do its utmost to work against this trend. As the world finds itself in the depths of a new Cold War, NE Global will always maintain that if the general public continues to have an anaesthetized understanding of international affairs, the likelihood of even greater crises increases substantially. The journalism that NE Global promises to its readers is forthrightly pro-democratic and independent. NE Global strongly supports market economies, while understanding the important role of the state in fostering economic development, and will be unwavering in its support of freedom of expression and uncensored media – each of which NE Global considers as self-evident for free developed and societies.