Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Sam Rainsy

The Kingdom of Cambodia’s Finance Minister from 1993 to 1994. A politician, economist and pro-democracy activist, Rainsy is the co-founder and current interim leader of the centrist Cambodia National Rescue Party.

Cambodia’s Hun Manet is a puppet prime minister; his father will still pull the...

The handing over of power by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to his son Hun Manet is an attempt to maintain the old regime, rather than to open the door to a new future. Hun Sen, who has used violent repression to keep power since 1984, has said that he...

Cambodia’s current government is the face of tropical Fascism

There is no hope that the authoritarianism that the world sees in places like Russia, China and Cambodia can ever be interpreted as a peaceful and benign phenomenon, or that it should be accepted by an implicit racist or discriminatory assumption that some cultures just don’t have a democratic tradition and aren’t quite capable of ever developing one.