Monday, December 4, 2023

From Portugal, with confidence

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Portugal is a prime example of a country that is self-sufficient and capable of facing the future with a degree of positive ambition.

Over the course of the last few years, Portugal has faced a variety of new challenges.  As in other trying periods of her long history, Portugal and the Portuguese people have been able to overcome the challenges facing them by charging the nation’s individual and collective best with the task of finding a way to forge ahead towards a brighter future.

The challenge that has faced Portugal is an example for all of us, in these complex and uncertain times, that we must have contract of confidence in the future.

Portugal is a big challenge in Europe. The global economic situation in the EU is increasingly complex and difficult as European companies face stronger competition from around the world. The public accounts of some European countries are facing crippling deficits that are unsustainable and digital innovation is presenting new challenges for Europe as the continent considers its immediate the future.

It’s because of this that a new contract of trust for Europe is imperative. A ‘New Europe’ must be supported by strategic proposals that demand an original operational agenda and Portugal is one of the best and most positive examples for that future.

This New Contract of trust between Portugal and the world must be supported by strategic proposals. Portuguese citizens must know how to integrate, in a positive way, those that come to develop new businesses in the country. Social cohesion is done with the idea that a country’s citizens will be constructive participants in the process. As a result, it is increasingly necessary to have an effective attitude towards mobilisation for the effort to succeed.

A positive integrative policy is a signal that Europe and Portugal have a common road to follow in the future.

Innovation and technology must be the enablers for competitiveness in Portuguese universities and private companies, both of which must form a new strategic partnership that is centred on the objectives of added value, creativity, and knowledge.

This is the basis for the future effective implementation of the European Union’s New Green Deal Strategy, which must be followed by Portugal. In this way, Portugal has a strong opportunity to implement, in tandem, an agenda of innovation.   

The development of strategic projects like the poles of competitiveness, clusters of innovation, as well as knowledge cities and regions is the effective confirmation that the basis for a new agenda in a country like Portugal depends on the capacity of its regions. 

Europe, as a whole, and Portugal have a unique identity that is based on their strong and centuries-old culture. The rest of Europe and Portugal must be able to involve other global partners in the construction of integrated projects that are focused on the development of culture as a driver for development. The reinvention of culture is, itself, a very innovative way to involve more European and Portuguese actors in a project for the future.

At this particular juncture, Europe and Portugal have a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves. This will be possible when the Portuguese, along with others across Europe, know who they are and have a strong commitment to the values of freedom, social justice, and development.

This renewal of Europe and Portugal is more than just a possibility, it is an individual and collective necessity for all of us as effective global citizens.

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