Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kazakhstan begins mass vaccination by Russian Sputnik V

Vaccination by Pfizer will start in the second half of the year

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NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – Mass vaccination against coronavirus infection has started in Kazakhstan on Monday, NE correspondent reported on February 1.

Vice Minister of Health – Chief Sanitary Doctor of Kazakhstan Yerlan Kiyasov and Vice – Minister of Health Azhar Giniyat were the first who were received the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on Monday.

Kazakhstan received the first 22,000 doses of the Russian vaccine the day before. The vaccine will be provided for doctors of large infectious diseases hospitals and covid -centers at the first stage of the vaccination. At the second stage – for the teachers of schools and colleges.

From February 15 this year, the vaccination will begin to use the Sputnik V,  which will be produced in Kazakhstan, at the Karaganda plant, 200 kilometers from Nur-Sultan.

During February, about 100,000 Kazakh doctors will receive the vaccine.

“Vaccination by the domestic vaccine QazCovid-in the amount of 75,000 doses increase to 500,000 doses per month is planned from April this year,” Kiyasov said.

As for the Pfizer vaccine, according to the vice minister, it may be available for Kazakhstan from the second half of the year.

However, there are objective obstacles to obtaining the American vaccine: extreme storage conditions and a shortage of vaccines on the market, Kiyasov explained.

“From the second half of the year, Pfizer may be available for Kazakhstan. We have a preliminary agreements. A memorandum has been signed with the company. More detailed issues are at the discussion stage,” Kiyasov said.

In Kazakhstan vaccination against COVID-19 will continue until the end of 2021 with coverage of up to 6 million people.

According to official data, 16 cases of pneumonia with signs of coronavirus infection were recorded over the past day, 1 death and 157 people recovered. In total, since August 1, the following have been registered: cases – 47,874, deaths – 570, recovered – 35,900.

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