Saturday, June 22, 2024
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G7 Summit focuses on Ukraine support and shattering Russia’s wartime economy

Despite this week’s top punditry (itself nearly indistinguishable from AI) on the latest G7 decisions as exhibited by the “instant experts” on global issues...

COP29 in Azerbaijan to focus on peace, climate finance, green issues

During this year’s United Nations climate conference COP29, host-country Azerbaijan will strive to act as a bridge-builder between all members of the international community,...

The EU Green Deal is a barrier to trade and global partnerships

There is an English saying that if you can’t see the wood for the trees, then you should step back and then you will...

Silicon Valley Bank financial contagion contained – for now

The world’s top policymakers and international financial leaders acted effectively in the days following the collapse of California’s Silicon Valley Bank. They appear to have dealt positively with the risk of wider global financial contagion.

Russia’s war in Ukraine and high fertilizer costs are causing global food crisis

Russia’s war in Ukraine and high gas prices have boosted the cost of fertilizers having a major downstream effect on the global food supply,...

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