Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Germany’s approval of tanks for Ukraine suggest Berlin is no longer on the fence

The decision to dispatch some Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine suggests Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz has finally decided which side he would like to win in Kyiv’s struggle against Putin’s barbarism.

The Winter War

With winter setting in, to guarantee a victory, Ukraine needs to further pressure the Europeans to act in a way that would fully solidify their own security interests, while also securing continued military and financial support from the US.

How to win the Ukrainian War in just a few easy steps

Not easy steps at all, but with just about every title on the internet being made up of clickbait exaggeration, I don't see why...

Poland Spearheads EU Quest For Energy Independence

WROCLAW, Poland – Lower Silesia is concerned with Poland’s reliance on oil and gas imports from the east and hailed the latest initiative by...

EU Leaders Not Ready To Break With Putin

BRATISLAVA – The Hungarian government supports the Russian-led South Stream project, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban told New Europe on 15 May, noting that...

EU Backs Polish, Greek Energy Projects

The European Commission on 16 October approved €465 million and €134 million in project financing “for natural gas pipelines and modernisation works” in Poland and Greece...

European Commission toughens its stance against Gazprom

An EU probe against Gazprom is moving ahead as regulators are preparing to charge the Russian gas export monopoly with abusing its dominant position...

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