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Europe’s lawmakers see opportunity for regime change a year after Iran’s latest uprising

On September 21, representatives of various political groups held a meeting in the European Parliament to discuss the situation in Iran one year after...

Former UN judges, prominent jurists & politicians demand Iran’s leaders be held accountable for 1988 massacre

During an international conference on August 21, former UN Judges, renowned legal experts, and prominent politicians from the US, Europe, and Africa called on...

Iranian opposition leader marks Western New Year and 100 days of unrest in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been rocked by more than 100 consecutive days of unrest, with residents of more than 300 cities and...

The Iranian people have committed to a revolution, so where is the West?

Huge changes have occurred in Iran's political landscape since the start of the protests two months ago. Western governments, however, need to unequivocally and immediately back the movement instead of playing lip-service to vague notions of solidarity and outrage.

Ahead of EU ministerial meeting, lawmakers offer support for Iranian protesters’ right to resist

Ambassadors from the European Union's 27 members sent a unanimous signal on October 12 after coming to an agreement on a plan to impose...

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