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How running on mainstream ideas won the day in the US midterm elections

The Democratic Party succeeded in winning the mainstream by backing candidates from the center-left and running on an agenda that made progress one of the priorities of American voters.

Election deniers still don’t know how democracy works

Trump Republicans, whose candidates lost, claim the results are inaccurate and illegitimate. Their criticism and demands, including calls for new elections, are based on misperceptions of how ballots are obtained, cast, and counted.

How the US midterm elections could impact Ukraine

Ukrainians understand that only they can win the war. The country does not need foreign intervention to defeat Putin. But to win, they need the help of the US.

Election deniers and defenders poised for next phase in voting wars

There is little doubt that pro-Trump Republicans are going to challenge voters and contest results that they do not like in 2022’s general election....

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