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Italy sees close cooperation with NATO as key to Europe’s strategic defense

Europe needs to avoid, at all costs, any form of decoupling between EU defense cooperation and the transatlantic alliance.

Amateur hour for US diplomacy in Albania

On December 11, Sali Berisha, a two-term Prime Minister and President of Albania, was addressing some ten thousand jubilant Democratic Party congress participants in...

Why Biden shouldn’t use the ‘Summit for Democracy’ to start more Cold Wars

On December 9 and 10, President Biden will host a virtual “Summit for Democracy.” The gathering will bring together leaders from 110 countries who...

Sassoli says EU ready to work with Biden to help build stronger transatlantic partnership

European Parliament President David Sassoli has expressed the union's readiness to work with the new US administration with the aim of building a stronger...

Concordia Europe Summit: Joe Biden tries to contain Trump’s transatlantic shockwaves

Concordia’s June 6-7 inaugural Europe Summit in Athens covered a wide array of issues from the ongoing refugee crisis, Eurozone disputes, the UN’s Sustainable...

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