Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Helping women lead across the Mediterranean

Female unemployment rate remains well below the global average. More than half of working women are employed informally, with low-wage jobs and fewer rights than men.

A global model to tackle violence against women

As the world grapples unevenly with the effects of COVID-19, a parallel and equally horrific pandemic has threatened half the world’s population.  In the...

France to fund hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence, as numbers rise amid lockdown

The French government announced that it will pay for hotel rooms to accommodate victims of domestic violence and open pop-up counselling centres, as reports...

Spain to introduce law that would define non-consensual sex as rape

A bill that would define all non-consensual sex as rape was approved by the Spanish government. The country’s parliament now has to examine the...

Argentina President to put forward bill to legalize abortion

A bill that would legalize abortion in Argentina will be sent to the congress in the following days by the country’s President Alberto Fernández....

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