Friday, July 12, 2024

Tag: xenophobia

The world will plunge into chaos if we don’t tax windfall profits

Over half the world’s population lives under authoritarian regimes, and movements that clearly call individual and public freedoms into question and foster xenophobia persist at the ballot box.

Russia and China poised to gain influence in Afghanistan

Amidst the chaotic scenes that ushered in the Taliban’s take over of the Afghan capital Kabul, coupled with the West's harried exodus from the...

Poland’s dangerous new direction

I am deeply concerned for Poland. Something is changing, and I’m afraid a country I care about deeply is moving in a very dangerous...

EPP secretary-general demands that Brussels takes more steps to combat anti-Semitism

"Hate speech and all types of violence against Jews are incompatible with EU values," according to Antonio López-Istúriz, the Secretary-General of the European People’s...

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