Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tag: Lisbon

BMW tests green hydrogen, but holds steady combustion engines

German auto manufacturer BMW still relies on combustion engines, but the future for cars in cities is electric, according to the company's Vice President Peter Lehnert.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights fossil fuel dependencies

Every part of the part of Paris Agreement must be followed properly, the Czech Republic’s Deputy Environment Minister Jan Dusik said in comments to NE Global.

Full speed ahead speed towards digital & green transition in Lisbon

Transport plays a key role in reaching a global carbon-neutral economy, with climate change progressing faster than expected and countries struggling to meet the...

Portuguese President wins second term

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has won a second term as Portugal’s president with almost 61% of the vote marked by record abstention, the country's...

3 EU Commissioners self-isolate following meeting with Portuguese Finance Minister

Three members of Europe's College of Commissioners went into self-isolation on Sunday, after meeting with the Portuguese Finance Minister Joao Leao in Lisbon who...

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