Friday, March 1, 2024
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The world will plunge into chaos if we don’t tax windfall profits

Over half the world’s population lives under authoritarian regimes, and movements that clearly call individual and public freedoms into question and foster xenophobia persist at the ballot box.

Let us celebrate democracy and let us make it stronger

The eyes of the world's leading foreign policy wonks were all on Washington, DC, after President Joe Biden met with fellow democratic leaders at...

COVID-19 Vaccine and drug development / Updated 10:35 CEST

Want more? Read the latest news, opinions, and analyses on the Coronavirus pandemic. Don't miss our feed of the most important news. Updated for...

US' Health and Human Services Department suffers cyberattack

The US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) suffered a cyberattack on its computer system on Sunday night, during the nation's response to the...

EU's trade chief sees opportunity for "mini-deal" with the US

The European Union's Trade Chief Phil Hogan has said he is optimistic about coming to an agreement with the US on a “mini deal”...

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