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Iran’s influence peddling at the European Parliament

The Iranian dictatorship is able to use the services of agents disguised as “political advisors” to serve the interests of a foreign and hostile power that is out to undermine the very core of European democracy.

The end of Europe

The European Union is simply too big; it is composed of too many cultures and political perspectives; and, despite Brussels' claim that it values diversity over all other issues, this does not include a deviation from what it considers its own norms. As matters currently stand, the EU runs the risk of collapsing under its own weight.

Late Red Bull tycoon left an indelible mark on Austrian society & politics

He was described as the “most famous unknown” in Austria, Dieter Mateschitz was one of the richest people in the country – according...

The EU and the hijab

Given my relentless, savage, repetitive and – if I may say so – eminently fair criticism of the European Union, I could easily forgive...

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