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Iran’s influence peddling at the European Parliament

The Iranian dictatorship is able to use the services of agents disguised as “political advisors” to serve the interests of a foreign and hostile power that is out to undermine the very core of European democracy.

Why the West must ditch the JCPOA and instead focus on its critical diplomatic objectives

Negotiations to restore the Iran nuclear deal have reached a complete standstill. After fifteen months of diplomatic back and forth, Iran is refusing to sign...

Iran threatens to block snap nuclear inspections

Iran threatened on Monday to block snap inspections by the UN nuclear watchdog from next week if other parties to the 2015 nuclear deal...

EU voices concerns over Iran enrichment, nuclear deal

The European Commission voiced its concerns on Tuesday over Iran's plans to enrich uranium up to 20% purity at its underground Fordow nuclear facility...

Bilateral cooperation, Palestine peace talks top EU-Jordan meeting

EU's Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell, in his first trip to the Middle East after he assumed his position as High Representative for Foreign...

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