Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tag: Kherson

The Winter War

With winter setting in, to guarantee a victory, Ukraine needs to further pressure the Europeans to act in a way that would fully solidify their own security interests, while also securing continued military and financial support from the US.

Italy sees close cooperation with NATO as key to Europe’s strategic defense

Europe needs to avoid, at all costs, any form of decoupling between EU defense cooperation and the transatlantic alliance.

How the US midterm elections could impact Ukraine

Ukrainians understand that only they can win the war. The country does not need foreign intervention to defeat Putin. But to win, they need the help of the US.

As its war efforts fail, Moscow works to disable Ukraine’s power grid

Russia’s continued attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine are especially focused on disabling heat generation, diminishing the country’s power supply.

Mykolaiv’s fight with collaborators saves lives and wrecks Russia’s plans in the south

Oleksy Vadatursky and his wife Raisa, one of the wealthiest couples in the Mykolaiv region, were killed in a Russian missile strike this summer....

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