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Clear Direction or Misleading Headlines

In a world full of stories all noisily striving for attention, the individual importance of some of them will be exaggerated through scary headlines...

What a difference one year makes

Ukraine’s steadfastness has shown Putin's dreams of a post-Soviet Russian Empire are pure fiction.

Neutral but not neutered: Ireland’s security needs to be nurtured

The Irish people have been a beacon of light against darkness, hatred and genocide. But Ireland needs to do more to contribute to the dismantling of autocracies, the self-determination of peoples still shackled by remnant empires and the emancipation and empowerment of all underprivileged people. 

Oil prices shrug off cap as Russia fires back with price floor threat

Oil markets will likely stay volatile in the near term amid uncertainty over the impact on Russian output from the EU's ban, headlines on China's COVID policy and central bank movements in the U.S. and Europe.

Alisher Usmanov: The billionaire-turned-philanthropist who is essential to Uzbekistan’s global future

Uzbek tycoon Alisher Usmanov once quipped to a Western journalist that his life story would require more than a couple of vodka bottles to...

Ukraine’s “Greatest Generation”

Nearly two months after Russia’s invasion, Ukraine’s armed forces won the Battle of Kyiv and are in the process of carrying out counter-offensive and...

Gazing into the Energy Crystal Ball for 2022

The Covid pandemic and geopolitical issues are likely to be key issues for the energy prices in 2022.“What we have to have when we’re...

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