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NE Global welcomes pitches and fully written stories on a rolling basis, aside from those that are time-sensitive. Prospective authors are required to submit their contributions with full contact information and a brief note proving the author’s relevant experience and their most recent published material, along with a profile photo and 1-2 line bio for their accompanying byline. Please send all submissions by email to: [email protected].
NE Global relies on the first-hand expertise of its outside contributors to ensure the accuracy of all information provided in their stories.
Unless otherwise informed, the editorial board of NE Global assumes that any piece submitted is being offered exclusively. If it is accepted for publication, NE Global assumes that the story will not be simultaneously offered or published elsewhere in any form without our knowledge.
While NE Global appreciates the desire of graduate students to publish, as well as those who recently acquired a higher education degree, the company does not, under any circumstances, accept story pitches from authors who wish to expand their portfolio while still involved in their studies, or from those who are recent graduates.NE Global may refuse to accept any submission for publication at its discretion. This may be a result of the submission not meeting editorial standards or because it is seen as duplicative of material recently published or currently under preparation by NE Global Media.For all questions, enquiries or complaints about the use and processing of personal information, please contact NE Global by email at: [email protected]


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