Monday, October 2, 2023

NE Global Team

Nicholas Waller


Alec Mally

Executive Director for Global Economic Affairs & Southeast Europe

Kostis Geropoulos

Director of Energy & Climate Policy and Security

Federico Grandesso

Managing Editor of European Union & Italian Political Affairs

Timothy Ogden

Editor for Defense/Security & UK Affairs

Yuri Polakiwsky

Special Ukraine Correspondent

Suman Haque

Director of Information Technology


NE Global regularly publishes opinion and analytical articles from a wide range of international experts. Their contributions play an essential role in fulfilling our goal of providing the information needed to have a fuller and fact-based understanding of international affairs. An essential item in NE Global’s founding charter is the editorial board’s fundamental belief that such contributions help promote a constructive and well-informed public debate about the issues that shape the world around us while strengthening the democratic values that the company has set out to defend.