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Moldova’s 2024 elections: Why it matters

Since the war in Ukraine commenced, the neighboring Republic of Moldova, led by President Maia Sandu, has strongly supported Kyiv. As the tiny, landlocked...

Kremlin disinformation efforts in Africa illuminated

The U.S. State Department released a report detailing Kremlin disinformation activities and operatives in Africa on February 12 entitled “The Kremlin’s Efforts to Spread...

Freedom of speech and expression require considered thought by lawmakers

The cornerstone of any functioning democracy is the ability to speak freely without fear or favour and be confident that our right to say...

Washington issues reward offer for Russian ransomware actor

On May 16, the State Department announced a reward offer, under the Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program, of up to $10 million, for information...

Cambodia’s current government is the face of tropical Fascism

There is no hope that the authoritarianism that the world sees in places like Russia, China and Cambodia can ever be interpreted as a peaceful and benign phenomenon, or that it should be accepted by an implicit racist or discriminatory assumption that some cultures just don’t have a democratic tradition and aren’t quite capable of ever developing one.

NE Global interviews Iran’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi

Iranians have tried every other possible way to work for change, for many years. Those who thought they could reform the regime have continually been disappointed. Now they know that they have no other solution.

Cryptocurrencies: The new age of terror financing

The misuse of cryptocurrencies by violent extremist groups and individuals has emerged as a new and additional financing technology. 

Musk plans to profit from Twitter, not create a town square for global democracy

As a privately owned company, Twitter will now only answer to Musk and his underlings, not to shareholders.

Democracy in the Republic of the Internet is backsliding

The internet has become a powerful enemy of any authoritarian regime; one that these regimes have increasingly fought to weaken.

Interview: Battling disinformation in Europe

NE Global spoke with Italian MEP Marco Dreosto about being a member of the Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in...

Border pains: A set play by Belarus

Desperate migrants sandwiched between the Belarussian-Polish border is a nasty quagmire. It is also an impressively manufactured crisis. With threats to both EU and...

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